Dropbox is an awesome online file storing and sharing tool. This is something my company, my clients and my staff has found to be quite useful and valuable. Best of all… it is free!

DropboxSince we adopted it, we no longer send files back and forth via email.  We just create folders for each project and share with the people that need access.  You can share folders with anyone who has a Dropbox account by just using their email address.

When a file is saved in a shared folder, it is automatically uploaded to Dropbox then downloaded to everyone’s computer who has access to that shared folder.  If someone updates a file, the changes are also sent automatically to everyone…seamlessly!

It works on Mac & Windows as well as on Mobile Phones…so when I am away from the computer, I still have access to all my files as well.  If you have multiple computers, this is a great way to keep your files synchronized across all of them

You can get 2GB of free storage when you sign up, and for every friend you refer you can get another 500Mb, up to 16GB total…and your friend gets 250Mb more as well.  If you need more space, you can buy it pretty cheap as well.

I already have all the space I need, but if you use my referral link you get an additional 250Mb free when you sign up: Signup For Dropbox.

There are a lot of ways you can use this tool.  It has truly become indispensable in our business and I hope that you find it as useful too.