Get The Job Done

Do What You NEED To Do Today
Over the years, I have noticed that when it comes to getting a job or a project done, a lot of people get stuck with paralysis of analysis.

Don’t get me wrong here.

I am not talking about those who are lazy, I am referring to those who are perfectionist. I used to be one of those Alpha types. Then I realized, nobody is perfect, except GOD!

I also realized that it is better to take action now, then to wait for the perfect moment or to get it right.

Imperfect Action is Much Better Then No Action!

That is why this simple saying really makes an impact.

I know many people who are broke, not because they lack skills, but because they either want everything to be perfect. Like:

  • a perfect opportunity
  • a perfect e-book
  • a perfect website
  • a perfect logo
  • a perfect message
  • a perfect content or web copy
  • a perfect video
  • a perfect opt-in
  • etc.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that a website is dynamic. It will never be complete. It will always be evolving.

So, it is better to get something out there that bring visitors to the site and get your name out to the world instead of waiting for that perfect moment. That perfect moment may never come.

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