Over the years, I have used many online services, products, followed online experts and mentors.

Just like in your normal life, there are many people who are good, reliable, trustworthy and deliver on their promises and then there are those who con people, rip people off and take advantage of people’s innocence.

In order to help all those who are following me and who are my fans, I am providing you with my list of resources which I have found helpful and I hope that you do too.

Web Hosting Resources
Web Hosting Resources:
For registering your domain name and hosting your website.


Email Marketing Resources – For creating a database of prospect, customers and clients whom you contact on a regular basis through emails, newsletters and auto-responders.

Free Font Resources – I am sure there are tons of places that provide free fonts. However, these 3 places are awesome.

  • Google Web Fonts – Hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.
  • Da Font – Archive of freely downloadable fonts.
  • Your Font – An online font generator that turns your handwriting into a font that you can use in every program that you own. 375000+ fonts already made!