What to Look for in a Web Hosting Company

What to look for in a web hosting company?

Today, I am writing information about web hosting companies because a lot of you have asked me from my internet marketing and SEO training classes to recommend the best web hosting company. But, I hesitate to answer this question because I am not sure what you are looking for in a web hosting service provider.

Before I go through what to look for in a web hosting company, you must understand what is web hosting?

Maybe you are looking for features, such as:

  • unlimited or multiple domain web hosting
  • web hosting with cPanel and Fantastico
  • web hosting with unlimited bandwidth
  • web hosting with sub domain capability
  • low cost reliable web hosting

Maybe you are concerned about costs, and are looking for:

  • inexpensive cheapest web hosting
  • cheap affordable web site hosting plans and services
  • low cost or budget web hosting services

Maybe you are a small business and are more interested in:

  • small business web hosting services
  • web hosting b2b
  • commercial web hosting

Maybe you are more particular about hosting platforms, such as:

  • Unix web site hosting provider
  • Asp.net web hosting
  • cheap FrontPage web hosting

But, I get the feeling that most of you simply want the best web hosting solution and want a recommendation for a best web hosting company that not only affordable, but also reliable with great features and one which provides awesome 24/7 free technical support.

There are many internet web site hosting services. However, I have personally come across only a few good web hosting service providers.

However, before I provide you my recommendation, let me share with you my checklist of …

What to look for in a web hosting company?

  • Secure Server Capabilities – important of you are going to sell anything online
  • Fast Servers – look for at least T3 (fast) connection, OC1/STM1 to OC192/STM64 is even better – 30 seconds online can feel like 30 minutes
  • Bandwidth and Storage Space – look for at least 50GB, unlimited is even better
  • CGI Access – needed to run scripts and programs such as feedback forms, forums, shopping carts, etc on your web server
  • SSH and FTP Access – required to transfer files and for data encryption
  • Web Based Administration – a web control panel to manage your server
  • Server Log Access – to analyze your web traffic
  • Full Email Services – look for unlimited email aliases and forwarding
  • Daily Server and Power Backups – so you don’t lose anything
  • No Minimum Contracts – it is better to have no contract or minimum contract that way it keeps your costs down
  • Server Up Time Guarantee – look for 99.9% up time – you don’t want your server to go down in the middle of customer transaction
  • Unlimited Free 24/7 Technical Support – ensure you not only have email support but also phone support and live chat
  • Business Age and Reputation – the longer they have been in business the better since there are lots of fly by companies. Also, look for high Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Scalability – look for seamless upgrade of services and features so that as you grow your business you are able to able to add additional features without hassle
  • Scripts, Software Bundles and Services – look for forward compatibility, script library and knowledge base
  • 1 Click Service – if you are interested in WordPress site then look for a web host that provides you with 1 click install and fast automatic updates
  • Unlimited Domains, Sub-Domains and Folder Protection – look for all these features as all of us will be owning multiple domains and have multiple small business revenue steams
  • No Hidden Fees – Remember that not all web hosting companies are same, they may appear to be but, then you will get a charge for some extra feature – better to avoid them in the first place.

Now that you have the checklist on…

what to look for in a web hosting company,

here’s the one I recommend as the best web hosting company offering best web site hosting services.

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